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How to Work with Us

  1. Contact UNM Office of the IRB (OIRB) at (505) 277-2644 to discuss potential partnership
  2. Negotiate and execute IRB Services Agreement
  3. Schedule and conduct new Principal Investigator orientation (in-person or remotely)
  4. Submit to UNM IRB via IRBNet
  5. OIRB staff conducts preliminary review within 5 business days (may request clarifications from PI)
  6. UNM IRB conducts review
  7. OIRB submits invoice for IRB Services

Fee Schedule

The infrastructure that supports the IRB is funded by the indirect (F&A) return on expenditures by the University.  That cost is not captured when the funding is run outside of UNM. If studies are receiving funding external to UNM and are using UNM’s IRB, the following fee schedule applies.

Reporting Responsibilities

  1. The UNM IRB will report to the company the following:
    • Serious or continuing noncompliance;
    • Unanticipated problems involving risks to participants or others;
    • Suspensions or terminations of IRB approval;
    • Action initiated by any oversight agency or other organization (including audits, compliance monitoring, and reporting).
    • Any modification to the FWA or changes to the status of the Assurance documents.
  2. The relying institution will promptly report to the UNM IRB the following:

    UNM IRB Commitments

    1. Perform all of the functions required under 45 CFR Part 46, 21 CFR Part 50, 21 CFR Part 56 and 45 CFR Parts 46.160 & 164 HIPAA Privacy Rule, and the human subjects protection requirements of a Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) federalwide assurance (FWA) for the review and continuing oversight of human subjects research conducted under the auspices of the IRB approved protocol, where applicable.
    2. Communicate IRB determinations to the Principal Investigator and others, as applicable.
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