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What is the Scientific Review (previously called “Department Review”) required by the IRB and who performs that function?

Previously, the “department review” was conducted by the PI’s Department Chair or designee. The requirement for scientific review of new projects submitted to the IRB can be in one of the following ways:

  1. Review by the department chair/center director/designee in which the Principal Investigator (PI) is administratively located for purposes of leading or supervising the research (same as previous policy);
  2. For graduate student thesis or dissertation research, review by the student’s dissertation or master’s thesis committee chair (if allowed by the department – please check with your department chair);
  3. For externally funded research, documented (scored) peer review.  A copy of the notification of peer review by funder must be submitted as a supporting document.

Please contact the OIRB (505-277-2644) with any questions.