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Protocol & Consent

The UNM Office of Institutional Review Board (OIRB) provides training workshops throughout the year to provide researchers with an overview of the IRB submission process. The workshops are designed to help faculty and students successfully submit IRB applications.

Researchers should take the protocol & consent form workshop when they are ready to start crafting these documents. This workshop will explain how to utilize these documents to effectively prepare these documents for the IRB audience. The workshop will cover:

• A detailed discussion of the protocol and consent form

• Explaining the sections of each and what information the IRB needs to conduct a review

• Using the protocol as a tool throughout research development

• A discussion of how the documents are intertwined and how a research design decision in one portion of the research can change how other parts of the documents need to be written

• Pro tips for writing a clear, concise protocol for a successful IRB review

September 12, 2019 - 2:00pm
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