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Navigating the IRB Process & Common Mistakes

The UNM Office of Institutional Review Board (OIRB) provides training workshops throughout the year to provide researchers with an overview of the IRB submission process. The workshops are designed to help faculty and students successfully submit IRB applications. This workshop is for anyone that submits to the UNM IRB, both researchers that are submitting for the first time and those that have been submitting for years. This workshop will also cover the most common reasons that packages are sent back to the researcher before going to review. The workshop will cover:

•             The IRB review process and what happens at each phase

•     Things to consider when preparing all of the required documents

•             Creating a new project

•             Creating a new package in an already approved project

•     The most common mistakes that cause submissions to be sent back to the researcher

•     These mistakes can add on average 8-30 days to the review process

•     Ways for researchers to fix the mistakes before pressing submit

•     Tips and tools that are available to assist with addressing these mistakes

February 3, 2020 - 9:00am
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