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June Listserv Announcement

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Welcome New Team Member! 

Please join us in welcoming Carrie Booth to our team as an IRB Coordinator.  Her primary responsibilities include organizing and coordinating the meetings of UNM’s Institutional Review Board, performing intake of all OIRB submissions and maintaining compliance records in accordance with federal regulations and institutional policy.  Carrie will also serve as the primary customer service contact for our office.  She recently received an M.A. in Educational Psychology from UNM and has a background in neuroscience research.   We are very excited to have her!

HRPP Quality Assessment Program

We are pleased to announce that we have formally submitted our application for accreditation of UNM’s Human Research Protections Program (HRPP).  One of AAHRPP’s standards is that UNM measure and improve, when necessary, compliance with organizational policies, procedures, applicable laws, regulations, codes, and guidance and also measure and improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of the HRPP.  As part of this, we have developed the HRPP Quality Assessment Program.  The goal of the QA program is to identify strengths and weaknesses of protection efforts that can be used to improve the quality, efficiency and integrity of our research activities and continue UNM’s tradition of excellence.

The QA program includes post-approval monitoring of active human research studies, quality improvement reviews of the HRPP, and resource evaluation.  Post-approval monitoring activities commenced several months ago and have been helpful in identifying issues that need improvement and/or attention in ongoing research studies.  It also allows our office to gather information for targeted education of researchers and improvement in OIRB processes.  I would personally like to thank the research teams that have been chosen for random audits for their time and effort in accommodating these reviews.  The goal of these random audits is to identify existing problems early to put appropriate remedies in place, and also to identify and provide feedback to research teams that are doing a good job of managing their studies in compliance with regulations and policies.  We will continue our QA efforts by conducting ~1 audit/month while also conducting routine QA of our internal processes, IRB determinations and records.  Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or concerns about our quality assessment activities.

HRPP Training and Education Plan

We have created a training and education plan which is a comprehensive list of all of the human research training and educational initiatives offered by the HRPP.  This fall we will be holding our educational workshop series (dates to be announced) as well as continuing our walk-in office hours at the GPSA office in the SUB.  As always, our staff is happy to present at your department faculty meeting, student research methods class, etc.  Please contact us at to schedule.