Required Training and Disclosure

What training is required?

Human Subjects Protections

Human subjects protections training courses have been developed to help the research community better understand when proposed research activities trigger regulatory and policy requirements.

All researchers (persons who are responsible for designing and/or conducting research, performing data analysis, or reporting activities) are required to complete a human subjects protections training course prior to engaging in a human subjects research project at UNM. The training is valid for three years from the date of completion. It is the responsibility of the researcher to complete and maintain this training requirement every three years and provide a copy of the completion certificate with an IRB project.

The UNM IRB will accept CITI Human Subjects Research ( to fulfill the requirement for human subjects protections training. The OIRB has created a CITI - Human Subjects Research Instructions document to help researchers complete the required training and print the completion report.

Be sure to affiliate with University of New Mexico, Main Campus. When choosing a course, choose the "Main Campus Researchers" as your learning group.

All other CITI courses (e.g. Responsible Conduct of Research) are optional and do not meet the requirement for human subjects protections training.

Note: If you have completed a different human subjects protections training course, please check with the OIRB to see if it will be accepted. If the course is deemed acceptable, you will need to provide a completion certificate that denotes the completion date with an IRB project.


Are there supplemental training programs?

Responsible Conduct of Research

Although not required, it is strongly recommended that researchers complete a Responsible Conduct of Research training course.

Note: If interested, add the CITI Responsible Conduct of Research Course in addition to the required Human Subjects Research Course to your course listing.


Financial Conflict of Interest Annual Disclosure

Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Disclosures are annual disclosures (August through July) that all researchers (including faculty, staff, students, and non-UNM affiliated people) invloved with UNM affiliated research must complete. Conflicts of Interest may occur when a researcher's research responsibilities compete with his or her private interests, such as financial interests, raising questions of objectivity and improper gain. Conflicts of interest are inevitable in modem research universities and do not imply any impropriety on the part of the researcher. A conflict of interest may exist despite the highest standards of conduct and candor. Most conflicts can be successfully resolved without impeding research activities.

To make your FCOI disclosure, visit the Conflict of Interest website