Workshop - IRB Elements


04/10/2017 -
2:00pm to 3:00pm

The UNM Office of Institutional Review Board (OIRB) provides training workshops throughout the year to provide researchers with an overview of the IRB submission process. The workshops are designed to help faculty and students successfully submit IRB applications.

IRB Elements

Researchers should take the elements workshop when they are preparing an IRB submission. This workshop will cover the forms and study documents that are required when submitting to the IRB. Specifically, the workshop will cover:
•    The forms in detail to explain what information goes where
•    Supporting documents that may be required based on the nature of the research (e.g. Letters of Support, other IRB Approvals, Certificate of Confidentiality, etc.)
•    The required supporting study documents
•    The IRB review process and what happens at each phase
•    Steps of the submission process that researchers often forget, so that you won’t make the same mistakes