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Welcome to UNM's Office of the IRB! 

The Office of the IRB (OIRB) facilitates the UNM IRB for Main Campus. It is the commitment of the OIRB to promote the safety and protection of people involved in human research by providing support, guidance, and education to facilitate ethical and scientifically sound research.

The OIRB serves UNM Main and Branch Campus student, staff, and faculty researchers.

Federal-wide Assurance Number: FWA00004690

IRB registration number: IRB00000431


Graduate Student IRB Member

The UNM IRB is looking for a graduate student to serve a 1-year term. 

For information about serving on the UNM IRB as a graduate student, please read this Information Page. Student IRB Members will be given a $1250 scholarship for the Spring ($500), Summer ($250), and Fall ($500) semesters while serving on the IRB.

To apply for one of the positions, please complete the Application and submit it along with a CV or resume and a letter of recommendation.

Applications are due by November 1st, 2016!


Navigating the OIRB website

For researchers:

  • If you are familiar with IRB submissions, you can access our forms in the IRB Library.
  • If you are new to research at UNM and want to know more about the process and requirements, please visit the Researcher Toolkit.
  • If you have questions about the current IRB submission process, go to the Submissions page.
  • Use the IRB Submission Checklist to submit a stellar application through IRBNet. IRB forms with a version date older than 2/17/2014 are not accepted.
  • If you are ready to submit your application, please log into IRBNet and use the IRBNet Investigator Cheat Sheet as a quick reference guide.

Turnaround Times


Review Process Snapshot 10/21/16

Number of submissions:

In Pre-Review: 16 With the PI: 15 At Review: 7

View additional Reports for more information on turnaround times and submission statistics.


Annual Report

The HRPP Annual Report is now available for Fiscal Year 2016.

IRB Events


Schedule a Consult!

Our staff is happy to help you with the IRB process:

  • figuring out if you need to submit an IRB application
  • understanding what documents you need to submit
  • getting your application ready for review
  • entering your submission into IRBNet

Use a Consult Request Form to schedule a one-on-one meeting.


IRB Outreach & Education

We're here to help you understand and navigate the UNM IRB by providing:

  • IRB Workshops - one-hour session that covers a variety of Human Subjects Research topics
  • IRB Consult - one-on-one session to discuss your project needs
  • IRB @ Your Door - group session to talk about the IRB

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