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IRB Member Portal

IRB members are selected to ensure a diverse set of perspectives and expertise appropriate to the many kinds of research under review. Our IRB members are researchers, nurses, teachers, lawyers, non-scientists and community members all contributing their knowledge, viewpoints, and hard work.

As an IRB member you are required to read the UNM IRB Member Manual. A few key sections of the manual have been reproduced below. Please refer to your Member Manual for instruction on how to prepare and present a protocol review at an IRB meeting. The Member Manual also contains general information on the organization, purpose and function of the IRB.

Required Training and Disclosure

All UNM IRB members are required to do the following training and disclosure:

  • Complete the required ethics credentialing (CITI and EROC modules)
  • Observe one IRB meeting
  • Meet in person for one hour orientation session (additional training is required to be an Expedited Reviewer)
  • Complete a shadow review of a new study
  • Read the UNM IRB Member Manual
  • Complete a Conflict of Interest disclosure annually

IRB Member Responsibilities

It is your responsibility as an IRB Member to attend a monthly meeting of the IRB to which you are assigned (either full or expedited). If you are unable to attend, then you must let the OIRB know in advance.

Each IRB meeting agenda has approximately 4-8 items on the agenda. For full board meetings, you are expected to be familiar with each study submission in IRBNet before the meeting. At a minimum, please review each study’s application form, protocol, consent form(s), and advertisements before you come to an IRB meeting. For expedited meetings, you only need to review those studies assigned to you.

There are checklists for Primary Reviewers to use to prepare their reviews and upload into the IRBNet. At the meeting you will make a brief summary presentation of your assigned submission along with your recommendations for any changes you feel are needed to satisfy the requirements of 45 CFR 46.111 and/or 21 CFR 56.111. As a Primary Reviewer, you are required to complete and upload your Primary Reviewer Checklists into the IRBNet study record prior to the start of the IRB meeting.

You may find it helpful as a Primary Reviewer to communicate with the PI and the study team before the meeting to resolve any questions or concerns. You may also contact the Chair, Vice Chair, or IRB Analyst with any issues.

You may also be asked to serve as an expert reviewer for various protocols on the meeting agenda that are in your area of expertise. If that is the case, this will be noted on the agenda sent to all attending members several days before the meeting. The Federal Regulations state that the IRB must have the appropriate expertise at the meeting to review the studies on the agenda. Your role is to bring to the IRB any concerns you have about the study based on your expertise and experience in the area, and you may be asked to provide your perspective should questions arise during discussion about the risk of study elements or about the condition or problem being studied.

Confidentiality Agreement

You will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement when you become an IRB member. The materials presented and all discussions at an IRB meeting are considered confidential. What happens in an IRB meeting stays in an IRB meeting!

Keep in Mind

  • Communicate with your IRB Chair and OIRB staff prior to the IRB meeting if you find that a protocol has significant problems that could cause the protocol to be deferred at the IRB meeting.

  • Communicate with the PI and study team prior to the IRB meeting to answer questions you have about the study, clarify issues, ask about study enrollment and progress, or ask for documentation you may be missing.

  • Upload into IRBNet by 1:00 PM on the day prior to the IRB meeting (full board) or 1:00 pm the day of the meeting (expedited)

  • If you find you cannot attend a meeting, please notify the IRB Analyst for your meeting immediately, so protocol assignments can be sent to another reviewer.

  • If you are having trouble uploading your reviewer documents into IRBNet, can’t find something in IRBNet, or need help navigating IRBNet, call an IRB Analyst.

  • For Full Board reviewers:

  • Lunch: Please tell the IRB Coordinator if you have special dietary needs.

  • The IRB Coordinator maintains quorum in the room and records the vote count for each vote. If you have to leave an IRB meeting temporarily to respond to a page, make a phone call, or visit the restroom, please notify the IRB Coordinator so she/he knows you are leaving.

  • Tell the IRB Coordinator or Analyst if you have to leave an IRB meeting early, or if you have to arrive late.

  • Visitors: Visitors are welcome at our IRB meetings. If you would like to bring a visitor with you to observe the meeting, please tell the IRB Coordinator as soon as possible, so that she/he can make appropriate arrangements for a visitor. All visitors must sign a confidentiality agreement prior to the start of the IRB meeting.

  • Parking: If you have to come to meeting from off campus, the IRB will stamp your parking permit. You should park in the Cornell parking structure near the Bookstore. Please present the stamped parking permit to the parking attendant when leaving the parking structure.