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IRB Library

The IRB Library houses submission documents, guidance, and policies for the research community to access and download.

  • Forms - IRB application documents
  • Templates - sample documents for an IRB submission
  • Guidance - information on important topics such as FERPA and data security
  • Policies - standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the review of human subjects research
  • PAM - post approval monitoring, documents to assist researchers with ongoing monitoring of research
Document Category Document File Document Description Version Date
Templates File Child Assent Form Generally for use with youth ages 7-11. 09/28/2015
Templates File Consent Form - Additional Elements Additional elements that may be required in the consent form (e.g. Certificate of Confidentiality, HIPAA, tDCS, EEG, specimen collection, injury langague, mTurk requirements, etc.) 10/21/2019
Templates File Consent Form - Standard Informed Consent Template 01/21/2019
Templates File Consent Form - Survey/Interview/Focus Group Simplified informed consent template 01/21/2019
Templates File Recruitment Flyer 1 Sample recruitment flyer with pull tabs 07/05/2016
Templates File Recruitment Flyer 2 Another recruitment flyer with pull tabs; different style 07/05/2016
Templates File Recruitment Flyer 3 Recruitment flyer in a poster style 07/05/2016
Templates File HIPAA Authorization Separate HIPAA Authorization for use of PHI through covered entities 04/29/2016
Templates File Protocol Research protocol template 01/21/2019
Templates File Recruitment Email Sample recruitment email 07/05/2016
Templates Microsoft Office document icon Recruitment Script Sample recruitment script 07/05/2016