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IRB Library

The IRB Library houses submission documents, guidance, and policies for the research community to access and download.

  • Forms - IRB application documents
  • Templates - sample documents for an IRB submission
  • Guidance - information on important topics such as FERPA and data security
  • Policies - standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the review of human subjects research
  • PAM - post approval monitoring, documents to assist researchers with ongoing monitoring of research
Document Category Document File Document Description Version date
PAM File CITI - COI Tracking Log Use this log to track project team training (CITI) and Conflict of Interest (COI). 01/19/2018
PAM File Compensation Log To track compensation given to participants. It may be useful for projects that compensate participants with money or gift cards. 09/20/2017
PAM File Complaint Report Complaints can come from participants or others and this form helps to record the details of the issue, investigation, and resolution 09/20/2017
PAM File Event Reporting Log To keep track of events that have occurred, even if they did not require reporting to the UNM IRB. 09/20/2017
PAM File Informed Consent Process Checklist To document that the consent process includes all of the required components and that it is following the approved process in the protocol. 09/20/2017
PAM File Linking and Screening Log To keep track of participant names and participant codes.For projects that involve screening, it can be used to track the screening process. 09/20/2017
PAM PDF icon MAC Tools Cover Sheet This cover sheet gives a brief explanation of the UNM OIRB MAC Tools. 01/19/2018
PAM File Note to file To document the ongoing conduct of a research project. Examples of appropriate use of a note to file includes failure of research team to sign and/or date a signed consent form, documenting a missed time point to complete a survey, etc. 09/20/2017
PAM File Participant Contact Information (Excel) To organize and store participant contact information. 09/20/2017
PAM File Participant Contact information (Word) To organize and store participant contact information. 09/20/2017
PAM File Regulatory Files Checklist To establish organizational compliance for research documentation at the beginning of the project. 09/20/2017
PAM File Research Staff Training Log To document that project staff have completed all required and necessary trainings to ethically and accurately conduct the research. 09/20/2017
PAM File Self-Assessment Tool Conduct and document a self-assessment 01/19/2018