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IRB Library

The IRB Library houses submission documents, guidance, and policies for the research community to access and download.

  • Forms - IRB application documents
  • Templates - sample documents for an IRB submission
  • Guidance - information on important topics such as FERPA and data security
  • Policies - standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the review of human subjects research
  • PAM - post approval monitoring, documents to assist researchers with ongoing monitoring of research
Document Category Document File Document Description Version Date
Guidance PDF icon Activities Requiring IRB Review Descriptions of activities that may or may not need IRB review 09/10/2015
Guidance PDF icon Additional Requirements for Federally Funded Research Summary of additional federal regulations for Dept of Justice and Dept of Education 08/09/2019
Guidance PDF icon Amendment Submission Checklist

Documents required for an Amendment submission

Guidance PDF icon Assessing and Minimizing Risk in Human Research How to assess and minimize risk in SBER 11/01/2018
Guidance PDF icon CITI COI Tracking Instructions These instructions explain the PI responsibility to ensure appropriate training and disclosure status including how to review a CITI Report. 01/19/2018
Guidance PDF icon CITI Instructions Step-by-step instructions for accessing CITI Main Campus Researcher training 03/19/2018
Guidance PDF icon Common Submission Mistakes This is an online training about the most common mistakes researchers make when submitting the UNM IRB 01/01/2019
Guidance PDF icon Community-Based Participatory Research Considerations when developing a CBPR protocol 05/11/2016
Guidance PDF icon Continuing Review or Reactivation Submission Checklist

Documents required for a Continuing Review or Reactivation submission

Guidance PDF icon Decision Trees: IRB Review Required? Determine what projects need IRB review 09/14/2015
Guidance PDF icon Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Considerations when accessing student records for research 03/04/2020
Guidance PDF icon FDA Regulated Drugs and Devices Researcher responsibilities for research with drugs or devices 06/04/2019
Guidance PDF icon Guidelines for Handling Crisis Situations with Research Participants in ABQ Considerations for different participant crisis situations 01/08/2018
Guidance PDF icon HIPAA Decision Tree Determine when HIPAA applies to research 09/01/2017
Guidance PDF icon Human Research and COVID-19

Guidance on conducting research during the COVID-19 pandemic, as issued by the UNM OVPR and OIRB.

Guidance PDF icon Informed Consent Online Training This online training explains aspects of the informed consent process, forms, and waivers 01/01/2019
Guidance PDF icon IRB Submission Checklist Required documents for IRB review 08/21/2019
Guidance PDF icon IRBNet Submission Instructions How to submit online using IRBNet software 11/20/2015
Guidance PDF icon Mental Health Safety Plans Safety plans for research where participants may express extreme distress 03/27/2018
Guidance PDF icon New Project Submission Checklist

Documents required for a New Project submission

Guidance PDF icon NIH Certificates of Confidentiality When Certificates of Confidentiality apply to research and related IRB requirements. 08/09/2018
Guidance PDF icon Prisoner Research Definition of prisoner and considerations when conducting research with prisoners 04/12/2017
Guidance PDF icon Research in K-12 Schools Special considerations for conducting research in K-12 schools 08/11/2017
Guidance PDF icon Research Involving Alcohol Administration Considerations when conducting alcohol related research 02/04/2016
Guidance PDF icon Research involving Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Considerations when conducting transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) 07/06/2017
Guidance PDF icon Research involving VO2 Max Testing Considerations when conducting research involving maximal exercise testing 06/19/2019
Guidance PDF icon Research with American Indian Communities Considerations for working with American Indian Communities 08/29/2017
Guidance PDF icon Response to Modifications Submission Checklist

Required documents for a submission response to modifications from the IRB

Guidance PDF icon Resuming Research During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This is the most recent guidance provided by the UNM IRB on how to resume or begin research during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Guidance PDF icon UNM Human Research Data Security Standards Standards for the protection of human research data 09/18/2018
Guidance PDF icon UNM IRB Researcher Handbook This handbook provides guidance to Main and Branch Campus researchers who conduct research with people 08/15/2019