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Contact OIRB Staff

Our staff is happy to help you with the IRB process:

  • figuring out if you need to submit an IRB application
  • understanding what documents you need to submit
  • getting your application ready for review
  • entering your submission into IRBNet

When contacting the OIRB, please include your project number.

The Revised Common Rule went into effect January 21, 2019. The Common Rule, the federal human research protections regulations, was revised for the first time since being promulgated in 1991. The revisions are extensive and you can read the entirety of it online. Read the UNM IRB's Transition memo for detailed information about UNM IRB’s transition to the new regulations. Please review this document and contact our office with any questions. Note that if you have a currently approved project with an expiration date, that expiration date is still in effect until the IRB reviews the project under the new regulations.

Forms, templates, and policies have been updated to reflect the Revised Common Rule. It is important that you download the most current versions of IRB submission documents to prevent delays in the review process. When submitting new packages to the IRB, always obtain forms and templates from the IRB Library.


Carrie Booth, MA

IRB Coordinator
(505) 277-2644


Heather Savage, CIP

IRB Analyst
(505) 277-4944


Marcie Valencia

IRB Analyst
(505) 277-0547


Cecilia Brooke Cholka, MA, CIP

Human Protections Specialist
(505) 277-0685


Linda Petree, CIP

Director of Human Research Protections Program
(505) 277-0472